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Make It Two

It’s that time of year again when I bugger you with inane and depressing “statistics” about my achievements (or lack thereof). That’s right, happy Pi Day, and happy birthday to this blog which turns 2 today!

A Softer World

After almost 2 years building hardware, it was about time to start playing with it! And writing the software, of course. Which is soooo much more relaxing, in comparison.

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Klaatu Barada Nikto!

The most geeks among you will surely have guessed the subject of this post: ROBOTS!


monotrino IS HERE

Wooohooo! Yeah! PARTY HARD ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Ok, sorry, this is really a PR stunt. I still have to write basically all the software, but the hardware, the making part, is officialy FINISHED.

Don’t Shoot The Pianist

As promised, and almost on time (give or take a couple of weeks…), something fun for you to look at and listen to.

The Making Of monotrino, Part 10

Back after more than 2 months… but at least, with good news!

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The Making Of monotrino, Part 9

Almost there, baby, ALMOST THERE!!!111one11eleven

Upcycling Like A Boss

This post is dedicated to the loving memory of a Studiomaster Series IV 12 channel mixer. May its components live on in new circuits!

The Making Of monotrino, Part 8

This numbered post series is getting kinda awkward… but we’re in for a penny, in for a pound.

I’m Back!

Yes, this blog is not officially dead… yet.

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