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Don’t Shoot The Pianist

As promised, and almost on time (give or take a couple of weeks…), something fun for you to look at and listen to.

First of all: sorry in advance if my definition of “fun” doesn’t coincide with yours :-)

Since last time, I added the missing 5 notes, so now it can do a full octave, fixed the mono note priority by cabling the buttons in reverse and implemented glide. The code on github (monotrino_piano.ino) has been updated.

Here you go:

Not a song, really. Just few minutes of me playing some phrases on the monotrino keyboard and juggling the knobs. Recorded straight with no effects added, just minimal noise reduction in Audacity (there is lot of noise!).

Actually, only the first minute or so of the track is interesting to hear the main features (notes, envelope and glide). The rest is, well… probably best described as material for some kind of “Synths gone wild” meta-porn :-)

Also, a few more pictures of the build in its current state:


This is the front panel, with the full octave.


And this is the inside. As you can see, I grossly underestimated (again!) the size required by, and the unholy chaos produced by, all those damn cables. A bigger case would have been more comfortable, but I think I can still manage it for now.


Here the same view of the innards with the case removed. Did I hear someone say messy?


And this is a closeup of the stripboard, where almost all the wires end up. Still needs to get two “rows” of buttons (the lower left part) and a few connections here and there. But it’s mostly done.

This is what I had for you. What’s next? With 3 weeks to go, I’m starting to think that it could not be ready for Christmas after all :-( …unless I find the energy somewhere for the final rush.

Whatever, it’s all right as long as the fun is right. And it is, isn’t it so? :-)


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