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I’m Back!

Yes, this blog is not officially dead… yet.

I just took a looong pause. Lot of things happened, none of them related to Arduino. These included a new job, Summer holidays, and a general… lack of initiative on my side :-)

Actually, I haven’t been completely inactive. I spent roughly ~4 making hours in the last 3 months. I started working on the main stripboard, and this is what I accomplished so far:

Main stripboard as of 2013-07-24

I have to say I really love stripboarding. My soldering skill is still as crappy as day one, but at least the stripboard is very forgiving. And it looks cool on the component side, where you don’t see the mess :-)

Also… look what I got myself back in April:


A majestic (and huge; and heavy… ouch) StudioMaster Series IV 12-channel mixer. Got it for €26.50 off ebay. Broken, of course. I counted 14 faders, 133 knobs, 106 switches and 43 jack plugs. It’s slaughter time :-)

Talk to you again in a few days, with hopefully some exciting news.


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