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Make It Two

It’s that time of year again when I bugger you with inane and depressing “statistics” about my achievements (or lack thereof). That’s right, happy Pi Day, and happy birthday to this blog which turns 2 today!

This time, however, I’m going to be more concise. Straight to the facts!

Money: as expected, I’ve been exceptionally good. Total expense 84.31€, 7€/month. (Not counting the Makeblock Robot, since that was a Christmas present). A solid -73% compared to last year.

I’ve been so good, in fact, that I just rewarded myself ordering a shiny new Aoyue Int936 soldering station for a luxurious 40.79€. My crappy iron still kinda works, although half of the tip is somewhat “cooked”. But I think I really deserve something better at this point :-)

Writing and producing: I’ve been much less active than last year. 11 posts in 12 months, 1 YouTube video and 2 tracks on SoundCloud. But hey, my last pièce got 3 likes. That’s flattering!

Web analytics: nothing new… still a meager handful of pageviews, 0 comments and not much love in general. Looks like I’m not even popular with spammers anymore lately :-)

Objectives: reached and surpassed! My product (monotrino), although not 100% finished, is already kind of usable. And is fun, more fun than I thought it would be. In Italy we use to say something like “even a cockroach is beautiful in its mother’s eye”. Well, I think my cockroach is frigging awesome. Think what you want.

Building the Makeblock robot with my kid was also fun. Unfortunately, we don’t have much free time to play with it. But it’s a good start anyway.

There are still lots of things which I wanted to do since last year, and I didn’t. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

One thing I did, however, was to read a very good book. Designing the Internet of Things, by Adrian McEwen and Hakim Cassimally (hi, Hakim!). A darned good book indeed, inspiring and entertaining and packed full of useful information. I should had read it before even starting this blog. Except that it wasn’t written yet at that time :-)

That was year 2, now let’s see what year 3 will bring. Godspeed!


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