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The Making Of monotrino, Part 7

Very quick post this time. Progressing slowly, but… progressing :-)

In the last couple of weeks I managed to squeeze in 4 “sessions” of 1-2 hours each. Only me, the soldering iron, drill bits, wires, cutter etc. No Arduino, no computer. 100% analog :-)

This is the result of the cumulative approx. 5 hours work:

Building monotrino part 7, picture 1

This slightly pastafarian artifact is actually the brain, or to be more precise the spine of my project (the brain is the actual Arduino which will be snapped in on top of it).

I wired all pins I’m going to use, carefully color-coded and of just the right length. On some of them (the analog pins, 5V and GND) I already soldered the connectors. Here you can see them slightly better:

Building monotrino part 7, picture 2

My plan is to build all the components so that they can be easily attached and detached. This will give me more freedom when assembling the case, but mostly it’s because I don’t trust myself… I mean, I’m not sure the panel will really look cool in the end. So I’m leaving myself the possibility to change it later, experiment with different materials, or maybe have it built via a CNC service, who knows.

Still an awful lot of work to go. But I’m slowly, veeery slowly, improving my skills…


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