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And Now We’re Up To Something

Yes sir, my first “track” is available on SoundCloud. Don’t expect anything musical, however :-)

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Internet, Meet monotrino. monotrino, Meet Internet

It’s been a long, long time since my last post. It’s also been a quiet month for my DIY hobby, I didn’t even touch an Arduino. But, as always, some things have been happening in a background thread :-)

Sense My Capacity

A little digression doesn’t hurt. Plus, it’s funny and it even has videos! :-)



In the last two weeks, I learned a lot. I can proudly say that I’m a good 0.002% less ignorant than before.

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The Prototype Is Here!

Shame on me, I’m getting lazy with this blog. A terrific amount of things happened last month, but I missed the time or energy to write about them.

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All Systems Are Go

I knew I should have listened to mom’s advice when she said “Son, don’t do drugs, always wear clean underwear and, for Heaven’s sake, don’t start buying electronics components!”

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Day 1: In Which Our Hero Fights His Way To An Epic Victory

Hehee ok ok I know, there’s really nothing epic :-) But it feels like.


This Is Spart^wVienna

Let’s face it: life is tough for electronic hobbyists. For some obscure reason, it seems to be particularly tough if you’re living in Vienna, Austria.

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Day 0: Unboxing && Testing

Take this as a kind of a mini-tutorial (there are better ones for Arduino, not so many that I found for the MidiVox), but really it’s mostly here just for the sake of completeness. This was happening one week ago, when I received my kit.


So It Has Come To This

This first post is long. Too long. Obscenely long. I’m very sorry about it, but this is the first time I write something in a blog. Furthermore, I didn’t have time to make it shorter :-) The TL;DR version is: got Arduino, gonna build stuff, gotta be fun. If you feel brave enough, instead, read […]

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