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The Making Of monotrino, Part 7

Very quick post this time. Progressing slowly, but… progressing :-)

The Making Of monotrino, Part 6

Actually, this should be more like “The Remaking, Part 1”. But I’ve decided instead to continue the series, even though I have pretty much abandoned my previous bare perfboard build approach.

Happy Blogversary To Me!

The 14th of March may be celebrated as Pi Day in countries with funny date format, but few know that it’s also… this blog’s birthday! :-)

Tune In To The Melody

Yesterday evening I went for some “soft” activity. No making, no soldering, no cutting, no millimeter-accurate planning. Just stress-free breadboarding and coding. Also, music :-)

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A Case Of Kickassery

Yeah, baby, I’m gonna go all panel mount on this one!

The Making Of monotrino, Part 5

And here we go again, after a more than two months pause… but this time, I have noone to blame but myself :-)

The Making Of monotrino, Part 4

Wow, that was a looong pause. I deserted my project and this blog for 2 months, but I’m finally back!


The Making Of monotrino, Part 3

Part 3 is the saddest part :-( Yesterday was a small step backwards for a man, one giant leap backwards for DIY electronics…


The Making Of monotrino, Part 2

After a mere two week pause, a new status report on the build of my sequencer.


The Making Of monotrino, Part 1

Howdy people! Back from my holidays, and finally started actually building my sequencer :-)

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